IW008 - Rivers of Light burst Forward


Hello Son,

Rivers of Light burst Forward

The planet is reaching its goal, singularity where the past, present and future will be one. This transformational change is happening in you too as rivers of light burst forward into you.

The sadness will be no more, cleanse still continues and the ignorant awakens to truth, which for some will be difficult to bear.

The hearty amongst you all will be relieved and you will feel invigorated as the pressures of the mind is no more. Understanding will be replaced and the whispers of truth will increase and finally you will submit to them.

In the beginning there will be confusement as truth will be difficult to bear and what you knew of the past will be false. As this transition gathers pace learning will take place and your spirit guides will gather you to a forefront of wisdom, ending anarchy of the mind.

When the connection is lost it will return as long as you remain focused to the light. This strengthens daily depending on the minutes or hours you remain in focus.

Like a conditioned athlete who has trained well for the race.

Accept what you are and believe in yourself, do not let past thoughts ruin the best of you. It was only a learning curve that was necessary to get to this point, which you all have reached.

Listen and listen again to guidance that resonates within your inner heart and intellect, be you and understand. The focus will come so trust in you and keep trusting until the gap is no more.

Then enter the eternal truth of the ‘word’ of God, and then you will understand. Many words will continue and will continue to be written to guide and tune into the source of you.

There are no confusing words to a settling of understanding from the lower third dimensional densities to fifth.

Your mother; the light flow in you embrace and receive them in gratitude to the Lord.