IW006 - Follow His guidance, There will be no Fear


Hello Son,

Follow His guidance, There will be no Fear

When you follow the inner guidance/whispers of your higher self; there is no fear or anything to worry about. This is because you are in safe hands of the Lord.

He knows what is best for you and reassures you again that your life is in safe hands.

Remember through centuries of reincarnations, cleansing and upgrading of consciousness you have reached this point. You are all a step closer to your goal of ascension. This is everyone’s goal, how you achieve this is your destiny.

Everyone’s inner wisdom is unique and serves the purpose of that person; no two are alike as the mind and thoughts are dissimilar. Nevertheless they all have a common destination to awake and inherit the wisdom of the universe and beyond.

Some cry out that they still unaware or not sure what to do; this is because you have disconnected to your inner voice; so sit in silence and listen but remember the worldly life is still important.

Family, friends and associates still are part of your life on a daily basis. They are part of your overall environment and personal and spiritual development.

Remember dear ones this is all part of God’s plan to get you here at this time to be awakened. You may have had challenging moments and often the tears have shed, those were the moments when He strengthened you and gave you courage.

God never leaves or forsakes you at your time of need it is because we do not understand as we cannot here Him. This does not have to be the way.

Those who are connected do not fear as peace enters the cells and reassures every part of the body. It is the belief and faith which becomes strong.

Be kind to yourselves and praise whenever it is necessary, as the condition  you are in maybe confusing. The emotions may also be strange and mixed; this is only the settling period of time the body needs.

You are much loved so have no fear and let this transitional period of upgrade settle in; then the new will encircle.

Your mother; bring stability in yourself and know that the protection of the Lord is with you.