IW005 - You were Lifeless and he brought you back to Life


Hello Son,

You were Lifeless and he brought you back to Life

A reminder when there are situations in life when we feel numb and often lifeless. Our minds are confused trying to make sense of things, when we meant well but misunderstanding occurred.

This is life and its turbulent and lower energies give rise to imbalance in life and harmony but the outcome is always in favour of the true. God knows whose intentions are pure for He favours them.

In our sleep we also become lifeless completely in the mercy of the Lord. In deep sleep on occasions it is difficult to wake someone up; in this case he is in the care of God, Who is guarding his soul.

Sleep is like being dead as the soul leaves the body to venture out and visit other dimensions. All our senses become useless and yet the mind becomes highly active. In sleep we truly wakeup; both hemisphere of the mind merge and is used.

The body is maybe lifeless, but the soul is what is alive.

When we wakeup then our soul returns to carryout its duties and dedication to its physical body; a timely reminder of one of many favours from the Lord.

Who can forget the first encounter with the Lord when he blew into you when you were clay. You were completely void of anything, but an empty shell with no identity or emotion.

He gave you life to experience the realms and dimensions of existence; is this not another favour of the Lord.

We have given you some examples in life and situations when we have been lifeless and felt very little or even on occasions hurt. But each time he raises you up or gives you life back into the body.

The Lord cares and He cares more in this era.

He has forgiven you your past and asks for change in return, so that you may inherit the wisdom that lies within.

Is this not a fair trade?

Be bold and at the same time tread carefully and receive the blessings and mercy of the Lord.

This is what you deserve, eternal love.

Your mother; reminding life and peace of mind is harmony to those who consciously seek this and make the necessary steps on the enlightened path.