IW004 - Hearing and Seeing


Hello Son,

Hearing and Seeing

We can travel a thousand miles and not witness anything of worthy, some people actually are in this state. They are the ones who are lost and do not make effort to raise their own vibrations to seek the path of the Lord Creator.

They do not use their senses to hear and see; instead they have sold themselves to darkness. This darkness does not let light in but it is like a disease which increases over time. They lack faith, no, they do not wish to believe or give gratitude for the things that God has provided.

Oh mankind you need to wake up from your slumber and realise faith is the catalyst to a path that awakens the dormant inner senses of all the realities and dimensions.

This life is only a fraction.

There are many ventures after death and during one's sleep the soul has discovered. If we were to tell you this, you would drop everything and believe at an instant; but this was never the plan. For mankind was born to experience and live in both realities of wakefulness and sleep. Then during his life time spend what God has provided for him and find the path back to the source.

This is the time when energies are reaching their peak, mankind can find the secret to knowledge that he has been given. We then use this to understand the mind of God and the next ventures in our soul’s journey.

Why is this so important?

This life is only an illusion when we use the senses; it is inadequate for the talent that is inherent in man. We are not using our potential and attributes given by the Lord. He wants the best for you. The world had reached a very low point of no return, when greed was taking over most of the world. Where a person with values and good morals is only ridiculed and mocked openly. When this was lost and people were twisting their words, God decided enough is enough and sent His energy to neutralise the corruption and take mankind to a new era of existence.

Not only this, but to raise his vibrations and live in a different dimensional plain of pure love, peace and harmony.

This is the plan and you all can wake the sight and hearing to witness and be part of this incredible evolution.

Your mother; the path is lit and waiting for your steps to take you forward to an increasingly new dimensional thinking and wonder. We are here to guide and show you the way.