IW003 - ‘Do not cause Corruption on the Earth’


Hello Son,

‘Do not cause Corruption on the Earth’

We are coming to the end of a twenty six thousand cycle and entering the start of a new cycle of enlightenment never seen or witnessed before in the history of the planet.

The Lord has asked and reminded people through messengers and Prophets not to cause disruption and corruption on the Earth; by doing so we corrupt our minds and lead it into ignorance and further into the darkness. Not only this we emit negative energies around the area and the planet.

When a nation or area continuously leads corrupt and deceitful practices the people too become like this. We have seen and are reminded of practices of selfish people on a daily basis. We know inside this is not the way yet it has become so common that we just shrug our shoulders.

But this is not true in the entire world, as it is changing. But it is a constant reminder that the Lord will not tolerate those who cause mischief and greed into the world. For them is a punishment of ignorance and He will have His revenge.

These words are not new because all of the Holy Books from the religions speak the same warning signs and guidance for mankind to adhere too. His methods are the easiest and God wants to show His kindness and mercy to all of His children.

Even when we doubt and lack faith in ourselves we lose the inner wisdom and instinct immediately.

Even there is corruption in our words when we speak to others, for it is not beauty but hate when this happens. Mankind has reached a point when the planet can take no more and is taking a different course of action.

Corrupted are those who only fool themselves.

To balance this more and more people are waking up to maintain this balance and lead the planet to a new vibration above the third and lower limitations.

Speak and walk softly and praise those who you have contact with on a daily basis, for they too a walking a path and waking up.

God will always be by your side as a reminder, guide and carer.

Your mother; truth has many colours but darkness will always be black with no energy.