IW002 - Removing the Veil of ignorance


Hello Son,

Removing the Veil of ignorance

Guidance can only come from God and His is the straight path through belief.

We are born with all spiritual faculties open, yet due to our ignorance we do not know how to use them. We only witness through our senses and ignore the hidden and more awake inner senses.

Often it is our ego that shrouds our thinking and puts a veil over the inner senses.

It is like keeping a polished car in the garage, and then over time if it is not used it becomes rusty and we too forget the inspiration of driving the vehicle. We simply accept what is given in life not knowing what is truly needed to benefit us.

When we continue with this we forget how to use these inner capabilities and are forever lost in the world.

If mankind accept that he has these faculties that can look into depth through the higher consciousness he would achieve his own learning and quality of life.

Mankind must become greater aware of his talent that lies within and start using this through dedicated practice. It is like polishing a mirror so that the reflection we want to read will be clear.

Many words will continue to be written to encourage more of you to follow the lead of others. But the Words of God will be a reminder and the sages and masters as a guide for what is achievable.

Your mother; lift the veil and remember what is inherit in you.