IW001 - Many paths lead to One Path


Hello Son,

Many paths lead to One Path

There are many paths which we cross in our life, sometimes we are aware of this but often we have no idea the next day we will encounter.

When we walk as a Hindu, Jew, Buddhist, Christian and Muslim, we have selected a path; but we do accept there are others too, but they all meet part way to a journey to a path that belongs to God.

The path has been lit for many centuries and many are continuing to walk this path searching for God. To understand God we must first learn his language, which is the Word.

The senses we possess are limited to living in this third dimensional realm of existence, yet the knowledge exceeds into infinity and beyond the fifteenth dimensions which is incomprehensible.

The Lord is merciful and has never given up to help our cause and the needs and wants we everyday crave for.

In these words we write, they are filled with the power and energy of God who delivers every time to those who wish to learn and find their inner path.

There is an increasing need to pray to God and ask for help, shelter and harmony into your lives and everyone around the world; as we are coming to one point called singularity. This is when all time lines will merge into one and we will live in the Now moment. Not only this but a huge upgrade of consciousness we call ascension.

It is this focus on the source that we need to increase and go away from the third material influences.

I do agree a careful balance of living and spiritual awareness is necessary for the sanity of our minds. The world can give lessons for us to learn and inherit from all living species, as they too have knowledge in their cells and DNA.

The path is one and merges all paths from all denominations.

Your mother; focus throughout your lives on the Source.