When a person starts on a path the journey can take many twists and turns; but this is not an ordinary path. I have come so far yet still the distance I have covered is still not enough.

I too am learning and will continue to learn as the knowledge of God is infinite and is just a drop in an ocean for my mind.

I have been compelled to write another introduction to explain this journey which I share with you now. The insight of the Word of God is another chapter that will explain through my higher consciousness and my spiritual master my mother Ascended Master Saida Khatoon.

I have no idea where this will take me; when I sit down to channell my mind is like a blank canvas not knowing what the words will be. Often I sometimes wonder how I am going to fill a paragraph never mind a whole page. Nevertheless, the words and connection is made and the download starts.

I too have toiled in my life and wondered how things will ever get better; but I have come to the point where if things are meant to be, they will come into my life.

The last couple of years I have witnessed peace and harmony in the mind and an incredible yet unfinished insight to learning which I have been sharing for the last couple of years.

I ask for your prayers now and a blessing that my next work which God is inspiring me will help you to find the things that you are looking for and inspire you to greater things.

We are all blessed and I pray that you too can be enlightened to share your own experiences with others.

Take care