EQ009 - I was there with YOU

16 November 2014

~ * I was there with YOU * ~

~ * I watch the flow of water through the streams

~ * I saw the birds fly majestically up above in the sky

~ * I swam with the fish’s in the ocean

~ * I was there when the wind blew fiercely across the fields

~ * I saw the Sun shone brightly across the gardens

~ * I witnessed the downpour of rain on the footpaths

~ * I lowered my head when the thunder shook the skies

~ * I watched the sky lit up when the lightning raced through the night sky

~ * BUT most of all I witnessed the smile on your face filled with the warmth   and affection

~ * I then witnessed my heart skip a beat with your love

~ * I was there with YOU  

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi

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