EH021 - The Venturing out of the INNER~SELF of the Cosmic HEART

23 October 2014

~ * “The Venturing out of the INNER~SELF of the Cosmic HEART” * ~

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE a corner of something; my sight is obscured by something, a dark veil

I stood and squint my eyes to see clearly; and slowly the veil is lifted to reveal a large CUBE

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE it is METATRON’s cube, which meant I was in a higher state of subconsciousness

I see the cube as being larger then before; it stood fifteen metres on every side and I could feel a buzz of energy

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE a purple HEART inside the transparent walls of the cube, and its beat was strong; this was the source of the buzz

When the heart, beat, the walls of the cube resonated to give a buzz

THEN I noticed something on the ground

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE it is a miniature cube and another identical one next to it

I go down to pick them up with both hands AND instantly they disappear; I could feel them permeating through my body

MY palms of both hands, began to resonate and give a tingling feeling; I knew then I was connected at the same frequency as MY subconscious Metatronic mental state

THIS is when the scene changes

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself standing in a barren desert and a huge SUN shining a brilliant orangey and yellow light all around. This was no ordinary sun, the light was completely a different colour and it was like seeing everything in HD
INSIDE MY HEART I SEE and look around and immediately I could feel the presence of SOMEONE; indeed a man was standing a few feet away

He was about my height with strong physical body and dressed in completely WHITE and with matching shoes too

THEN I noticed his eyes, they were exactly the same as the SUN

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE that this man represented my state of Metatronic subconsciousness embodied, so that I may experience and witness this dimensional level

THEN he spoke;

“Dear Soul, journey with me NOW”

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE him pointing to a door made of the exact colour and brightness as the SUN

He moves forward to hold my hand and instantly my EYES lit up; I knew my eyes and his were ONE

As we walk towards the door, I realise the man was gone. I turn all around but he was no where to be seen

He had led me towards the door and I knew that was his task; so I opened the door

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE intense light everywhere; it blinded me for a moment then my eyes adjusted and soon I could SEE clearly

I saw four chairs of a background of multicoloured flowers on the ground; how unusual I thought

More unusual was the differing size of each chair; they were arranged in ascending order, smallest to the biggest

The smallest chair was like a basic wooden one and the biggest was like a throne and incredibly intricately carved and embedded with precious stones

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE that there was a sign for me, through these chairs

Each chair represented a journey in my life and each stage of my spiritual path; from my humble ignorance represented by the small wooden chair to the elevated soul, represented by the throne like chair

THEN I noticed on the SEAT of each chair was a book; I went towards the smallest chair and picked it up; the cover read “I was BORN”

I opened the book and kept on reading;

“In my journey of Darkness I was found, and unto this darkness I BLED tears of ignorance

I wondered aimlessly until the ignorance became a THOUGHT; and unto this thought it became a pattern

This new pattern became a path that turned every darkness into a determination of wonder

I was BORN, when I released the chores of labour in life were filled with DECEIT and the strings were held by another

I SOUGHT a path away from this world and found ME under a tree of OLIVES

So PURE the taste of the fruit, that wondered into the path to SEEK further fruits

UNTO the journey of many paths that I was finally BORN and found the FEET and TREAD of my own MASTER”

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE I knew the words were indeed of my journey from my humble ignorance beginning to the person that I am now
I sat down in this chair to reflect on these words; and YES it was too small for ME

I got up immediately to pick up the next chair; this was a little larger and had a single engraving of a bird in flight

The cover of this book read, “Walking my PATH”

I opened the book and read on;

“The path was narrow, and YET YE kept walking until each path had a purpose

The many PATHS was my journey into ME, the exploration of the SELF away from my DARKNESS

YET the many paths YOU did travel, some were not and some were indeed straight

THESE paths were in the INNER sight clearing until it was cleared and the SELF was found in its aspects of KNOWING

I began to take flight and the higher subconscious was found in the journey of many paths”

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE that I am indeed in deep thoughts by all these words which was indeed ME; In my earlier Visions I did travel many paths to find out the Spiritual aspect and the God consciousness UNTIL I knew and understood my PATH

As I closed the book it disappeared into tiny crystals and into the air like glitter

I go to the third chair and notice this book was thicker then the rest of the two; BUT surprisingly it rested on the arms between the third and fourth chair

I understood this as a transitional point, perhaps a bridge between my next paths that is YET to be completed

There was no book on the fourth chair

I decide to sit on the fourth chair and start reading;

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE this book was titled, “The Venturing out of the INNER~SELF of the Cosmic HEART”, I opened the book and started reading

“Dear Soul, beginneth another WALK that showeth the WAY of YOU untoward thy journey of fulfillment of the SOUL

The Soul seeketh thy TRUTH of the COSMIC universe for IT, it CAME

IT knoweth they OWN journey THROUGH the SPIRIT and closer still the GOD seed

The LIGHT is YOURS thy know it, for thy hath SEEK and found this LIGHT

THE bridge is but a mind game; for it is but a hair width in size; so LOOK beyond and venture out as they always done and SEEK the thirst that will quench BUT for a while

Aha YOU were found when all was lost; BUT found thy OWN you have

SMILE Dear Soul, and seek thy diamonds of KNOWLEDGE, for it is only a hair breath away”

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE slowly everything beginning to fade away and my vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi

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