EH019 - MY encounter of MY ENERGY and MERIDIAN LINES of my BODY

09 October 2014

* ~ MY encounter of MY ENERGY and MERIDIAN LINES of my BODY ~ *

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE a jade green mountain, but this is only about ten feet high. Yet it has all the configuration and contours of a mountain except the colour

The Jade colour is strong and it radiates this colour to all of its surroundings; as I look on the floor the light makes the ground reflects the green

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE a circular disc slowly rise from the ground it is about ten feet across in diameter and purple. It reminded me of the old grinding corn wheels of the yesteryears

The wheel was divided into twelve segments and symbols were heavily engraved inside.

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself moving closer to have a better look and noticed the engravings were all swirls and lines across each segment but were different

I knew that I was looking at my own Chakras and Energy lines of my body; the swirls and lines were actually were my MERIDAN lines

Each Segment represented a plane of my Energy body across the chakra

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself moving even closer and noticed a letter then another, and another on each segment. I was surprised I did not notice it before BUT it was clearly visible

I was engraved in diamonds and I knew immediately that this was the HEART or CENTRE of each ENERGY

I began to read each letter and instantly knew what the letter meant;

1….A……The beginning of life and the commence of the SEED that commeth from the OFSPRING of HOPE and CONQUER of FEARS

2….P…..Is the PRIDE of the SOUL that upon its BIRTH onto this world to SEEK its ORIGIN for the FLIGHT back to its BIRTH

3….L….When LINES ignited of the Field of ENERGY then these LINES exploded into ONE FIELD. This was the BIRTH of the ONE BODY of the mind, body and soul complex

4….S…This is the connection and the SURPRISE that the SOUL and GOD connection was made; surprisingly that it was only a hair width away from each other. YET they were blinded from IGNORANCE

5…P…Is the energy POLLUTION that has RID from the body to give way to LIGHT; this is the COSMIC LIGHT of the UNIVERSE that the connection was made

6…K…Is the KINDNESS that perceives from EVERYONE and resulting in the death of the ARROGANT

7...L…When LOVE came it came in WAVES and it ignited the body CONSCIOUSLY and reminded the light WITHIN what it MISSED

8…B…Is the BURDEN of the weight of the BODY; YET it SMILES each day and holds IT~SELF with LOVE of WITHIN

9…S…Stands for the Sublime and subtlety of the personality and the TREAD of its path to ONE~NESS

10…H…Is the HOLE that has been opened for ONE~NESS and LOVE to enter; vacating the FILL of NOTHING~NESS

11…P…Is the POUR~RESS of energy that filleth the BODY with PURPOSE and POUSE and with PRINCIPALS of the WORD

12...A...A is the beginning and thus completeth the circle of ONE~NESS and the PEN that starteth the first WORD

This circular disc began to rotate slowly and then faster until the symbols and words engraved began to be a blurr

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE Lights rising from each word and change into a gas type appearance. It looked like smoke rising above

THEN these collected to ONE point and spiraled above and interlaced each other; like a plait

I KNEW then that this was my DNA that I was looking at;

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE the DNA strand filled with colours and brightness

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE slowly everything beginning to fade away and my vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi

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