EH018 - The Secret of MY~SELF and looking at the WISDOM with~IN

06 October 2014

~ * The Secret of MY~SELF and looking at the WISDOM with~IN * ~

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE a rainbow but I quickly notice it has twelve colours and not seven

As I concentrate further I see in between the colours a gold and then platinum band of light. The colours are so vibrant and then the scene changes

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself standing in a desert, but the sand is light grey and close to a white colour.

I look around to see exactly where I am, but all I can see is more sand and desert

THEN in the distant I see a red and then purple flower over the horizon; this was the only thing that was noticeable, so I head towards it

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself walking towards the flowers; but I am not getting any closer. Yet as I look back I can see my footprints on the sand

Perhaps it wasn’t the time or that I had under estimated the distance; yet my eyes are telling me it is only a short distance

THEN a cloud catches my eye and it starts descending towards me; then very quickly I am inside this cloud

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE floating crystals everywhere, but they were tiny. The light coming from these crystals gave the impression of a night sky.

YES, they looked like stars

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE my spiritual consciousness explaining to me what it was; it was like a quick download of information and then my consciousness quickly interpreted

I was in a cloud but a cloud but my Etheric blood which is my life force. I was inside the secret of MY~SELF and looking at the WISDOM from the INSIDE

The cloud was my UNKNOWING and the inability to tune INTO any further; it was like a VEIL that I still needed to attain further to SEE in a greater detail

However, to SEE the star like crystals is where the KNOWLEDGE of my KNOWING resides; and I was witnessing this event

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE the crystals slowly disappear and be replaced with different coloured lights and that moment I knew another event was happening. This was another OPENING and like a VEIL of my SIGHT had been lifted

I cannot explain HOW I know but I KNOW; my GOD~SELF was given me that connection and the instant knowing is like second nature

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE the coloured crystals begin to rotate all around me at an incredible speed and soon it was like a blur of colours whizzing all around ME

All I could do was watch and wait to see what will happen next

BUT, nothing did happen and the crystals was still whizzing all around ME at an incredible speed


INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself SLOWING down, but was I; I was not sure

SOMEHOW, I could see the crystals whizzing around me BUT it was like slow

I could pick out and grab the CRYSTALS and I DID too; BUT how was this
INSIDE MY HEART I SEE my GOD~SELF come to my aid and give an instant

I had matched the frequency of the cloud of frequency; I too was
vibrating at the same speed as the crystals.

It all made sense now

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE everything began to fade away my vision finished too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi

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