EH017 - My Opening VIEL of my COSMIC Sight

23 September 2014

~ My Opening VIEL of my COSMIC Sight ~

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE purple everywhere and I cant make out what exactly I am seeing; all I know there is purple something all around me

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself looking all around to gather my thoughts; slowly the scenes becomes clear

Then finally my eyes focus and I SEE an enormous purple mountain made entirely of ETHER; I turn all the way around and realise that I am surrounded my the same mountain range

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself walking closely to this mountain and see little diamonds embedded and can clearly be seen. These replace the rocks of the purple mountain and come in different sizes

THEN a RED diamond catches my eyes, it is about the size of my hand and on the outside are purple smaller diamonds stuck to it. Then I notice a yellow, green, orange, blue and lilac diamonds all close to the red diamond. They all had purple diamonds embedded in them

It was like a cluster of precious stones and it got me all excited; I touch the stones to feel its texture, incredibly my hands began to glow

Before I even touched them, my hands began to resonate at the same frequency as the stones; something which is difficult to describe

I inspected my hands and they looked younger and more vibrant; there was even a halo of shimmering light between my fingers

I raised my hands to look at both of them and WOW; an image appeared like watching a miniature TV; I saw a Lion roaming freely in a jungle and it looked so happy; in its mouth was purple bones, it looked like a leg of a sheep, not sure but it was a leg of an animal

THEN the scene changed again and I saw a purple waterfall, it was huge and the water was falling over a cliff. This cliff must have been hundreds of metres high; I began to look closely and then I saw an incredible sight that was simply unbelievable

All the water fell into a single goblet that was made of gold with precious stones all around it.

How can that be? I thought to myself; All the water and thousands of water all fell into this single goblet

THEN I began to release; the conscious too can hold incredible knowledge between the cells which are microscopic, so why couldn’t all this water be held by a cup

I watched the water fall and the clarity was increasing each time too

Such incredible scenes I was watching and my hands were the projector

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE the scenes fade away and I SEE the same goblet suspended in front of me; I reach out and held the goblet carefully and looked inside

The water inside smelt of roses and it also had a sweet smell to it too; I slowly sipped the water and it was indeed like having rose water. My eyes lit up immediately with one taste and I decide to drink all of it

I could feel it trickle down to my stomach and my whole body began to light up and somehow I was brighter then before; I was now resonating at the same frequency as the mountains and everything around it

I smile and the goblet soon disappeared

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE everything began to fade away my vision finished too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi

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