EH013 - MY journey into the STARS of EHETHRIC KNOWING and Consciousness

06 September 2014

~ MY journey into the STARS of EHETHRIC KNOWING and Consciousness ~

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE a horse; it is white and stands about six feet tall

I walk towards it and immediately the horse rubs his face against mine; I wondered what this horse doing here

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE all around me a valley that goes down to the right and then moves to left; it is surrounded by hills on either side

THEN the horse begins to push me forward, beckoning me to go down the hill; inside my spiritual consciousness I was able to connect with the consciousness of the horse and find its name, hoorayah.

The consciousness and energy signature of the horse, I was able to interpret as “The exalted One in its Freedom”

WOW, I thought, it was significant as I never read energy signatures before, but somehow I was able to do that

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE the horse lower itself and I got on; I thought for a moment that I was glad to do horse riding in school and rode down the valley below

As we rode down the scenes began to change all around me; sometimes the hills will disappear and come back again. I saw people running around then houses, shops and a huge garden.

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself witnessing and observing all these scenes all around me and realised that I was witnessing the universal consciousness

THEN I realised somehow they all looked familiar; it was my own life or past I was witnessing, I could see my family members then another scene about where we had went too

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE and knew immediately that the HEART too had a mind and it stored all information about the cosmos and universe, so why it could not store my life, past life and ancestral life too

I kept observing, sometimes to my left and then to my right and still riding down the valley

THEN the horse stopped and I lost focus and the connection was broken and I could only see the hills and valley

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE the horse lower its body and I slid off; somehow the horse had changed its colour, red

It looked majestic with diamond plaits as its mane; it began to rub it’s against me and wanted attention

I decide to walk down the valley on foot and I could hear the horse following me

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE a tree and it was no ordinary one too; surprisingly it had my name on it, engraved clearly in its trunk

The engraving was all gold and the tree stood high above the rest of all the trees in the valley; it was so huge

THEN I noticed a stream by the side of the tree and new this was my consciousness flowing through the ethers. I decide to follow it and was reminded by my GOD~SELF to empty my consciousness that did not serve

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself breathing slowly in and out and releasing my judgments and prejudices that I felt was interfering with my vision. I felt it disappear through the sole of my feet and I carried on walking.

The stream began to flow to the left and I realised that I had walked down to the bottom of the valley. I could not see where it went but began to follow the stream

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself walking in the stream and I could feel the cool wet water on my feet; it made me smile

To my surprise as I walk to my right the scene had changed, the valley had disappeared and I was looking at space. There were three planets that all looked like the white moon, but all were different in size.

I could see the dark background and stars of space

All of a sudden I was pushed forward by the horse behind me and next thing I was floating through space. Somehow I was moving towards the middle of these moons

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself being exactly equidistant from all of these three moons and I stopped moving. I feel and witness an energy white beam of light that revolved around. It was glowing and spinning around itself and yet it looked like a rope

There were the same ropes coming from all three of these moons which connected to my upper body torso. They were connected to my heart and I could feel another heart beat which I had not experienced before

I feel diamonds inside and coming through the ropes which I knew to be a DNA that was opening and becoming aware of

THEN suddenly I became disconnected and my chest had turned into a solid block of diamond, multifaceted and sparkled brightly from the light of the moons; wow I thought

My hands were white and the same as the moon; I looked all over my body and every visible skin was also white too

Suddenly I began to spin clockwise; it took me by surprise, but I remained calm and let the vision continue

I began to spin slowly at first then rotate faster and faster; I could feel no dizziness but incredibly I feel as though I was moving in slow motion. Yet I knew that I must be spinning at the speed of light

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE new images that came through my spiritual sight

I was now standing next to my horse and we are both looking out and into an ocean.

I felt I had the same energy signature but a little different

As I concentrated further and my eyes could see the vast silence of this ocean. Then a dolphin swam across to me and spat out water in my face

My seriousness suddenly turned into a smile and a little laughter; it made me relaxed

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE the dolphin swim away and the ocean was making me sleepy. There was so much peace and tranquility from the energy coming through the water. I bowed down and put my face in the water

As I do I saw three tiny fishes inside swimming close to me; I was a bit apprehensive and wanted to lift my face out of the water, but I resisted

These fish were all the same colour but different shades of RED; somehow they belonged to me. As they got closer and only inches away from my face, I could see there diamond tails

These fishes were about six or seven inches in length and began to look inquisitively at my face; they were fascinated

THEN from the mouth of the middle fish came out a diamond which was black and it placed it inside my mouth; it suddenly changed colour and became clear

The fish then came closer and closer and were only millimeters away and watched me closely.

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE them connecting inside of me; I could feel them swimming inside of me and then suddenly they were sucking things out of me

I could feel a pull and then something being released; the fish were sucking out something that was not needed inside of me.

I had completed a journey and they felt the residue inside had to leave for me to continue onto my next journey. I felt a stretch and then like a rubber band that had been released, leave the space inside. I sprang back from the pull and then bounced and moved sideways from the recoil

The fish had taken all the memories and energy signatures of the OLD ME and were happily munching away

I still had my face in the water and suddenly I pulled my face out; as soon as the thought of me drowning in the ocean came to my mind. Yes I panicked

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself wiping away the water and coming to my senses and evaluating what just happened

I notice the red horse was still next to me and I gave it a big hug

THEN I choked and coughed out the clear diamond; it was still inside my mouth. It looked larger then before, I smile

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE everything fading away and my vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi

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