EH011 - The EHTERIC Awakening of my Conscious Chakras

04 September 2014

~ The EHTERIC Awakening of my Conscious Chakras ~

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE that I am walking in a garden; it is vast and open. It is like a country park and well maintained too

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE that this represents the plain of HEART, a level of consciousness that is spiritual

I begin to survey my surroundings and as my sight improves I begin to see other things around this huge garden.

I decide to walk across to my left and it is covered with different varieties of bushes and tall plants. In the back there are trees and with autumn coloured leaves of gold, yellow and orange

These leaves represented my maturity in my spiritual consciousness and be able to grasp a higher KNOWING

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE that I am walking between the bushes until something catches my eye. I can’t pick out what it is but it commands my attention.

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE slowly it is a circular disc on the grassy area behind a bush. I walk across to look at it in detail

AS I get closer and begin to examine it; but somehow my sight is unable to grasp the detail. But it is about two feet in diameter and inside is a bush or tree or even plants.

There are more things inside too as my sight slowly adjusts to the detail

I see that it is indeed a big bush carved in a copper like colour, which is embossed inside. But there a different colours too of blacks and reds

The bush engraving has many fruits that are pear shaped and all are red

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself sitting down close to this disc and as I do,
The disc begins to speak;

“Dear Soul, wonder in the amazement of what you are, and amaze in the wonder of what you can do and achieve

I am a Seal unto your BELOVED heart that speaketh only TRUTHS

Shun out the background and listen to my words

Dear Soul, every moment in life is an experience that pertains to your life path and spiritual conscious growth

No person is free from this, but many are unaware and or blind to the fact it actually exists

Dear Soul, you chose to KNOW and you INDEED know NOW. A bird flies across a sky but it is for a reason. Ponder the meaning and you will find this path of flight

YES, indeed not only for food but they too enrich the fabric of the ethers of the HUMAN SOUL

Everything is alive and not alive, but it exists in all of space. We chose what we SEE; if a person becomes ignorant, then he cannot SEE and chooses to SEE according to his choosing

Dear Soul, we enter paradigm of intense KNOWING in all fields of KNOWLEDGE, we discriminate not; mankind has indeed awaketh to its~SELF and has begun to ponder in the KNOWING that is inside

Dear Soul, this KNOWING is indeed an awakening to KNOW what speaks inside the GOD consciousness of the HUMAN SOUL of every person


Remember and ponder and SEE what is INSIDE of YOU; a moment of contemplation is needed so that the ignorance and darkness of not KNOWING becomes LIGHT

A VIEL is indeed being lifted as we speak and this is slowly coming to your understanding and CONSCIOUSNESS

When any veils is lifted, a KNOWING becomes a~LIGHT into the DNA fabric of YOU and the ethers will re~VEAL unto YOU

Dear Soul, this is no ordinary garden you have entered; for this is a VIEL you have entered that was once DARK

NOW you KNOW unto YOU and unto the GOD consciousness, which speaketh only TRUTHS”

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE the disc slowly dissolve and into the grass until a single copper button about a few inches across was visible

Then I realised it belonged to my shirt that I was wearing, I smiled in approval

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE everything fading away and my vision too

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi

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