EH010 - The High Stream BECKONS onto the PLANE of Spiritual Consciousness

03 September 2014

~ The High Stream BECKONS onto the PLANE of Spiritual Consciousness ~

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE a fast flowing stream; as a concentrate further I can see bright colours below

I move closer to have a better look and realise that they are lights; there were many circular discs and it is from them that the different colours were coming from

THEN I hear a someone calling, “Over hear”

I look up and in the direction, but there was no one

THEN again someone called out, “Over hear”

This time I started to follow the stream and perhaps I could find someone; I walked slowly and looking left and then right making sure I don’t miss anyone

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself searching for the person who continued to call out

THEN the penny dropped and I immediately realised; it was my HEART that was calling out

I sat down by the stream and focused on my heart; somehow I felt a smiling face inside my chest and then a mouth

Slowly that was all I could see, the face; it was a complete circle and even looked like ME too. Then it spoke in a kind voice in whispers;

“Dear Soul, clear your mind and your voices; for I am YOUR voice of your heart

I come to you to heal the pain in your heart and heal the burden of your past lives in all reincarnations of your existence

Dear Soul, often it is NOT you that burdens your mind, but it is the energies of others and the environment that numbs the INSIGHT of YOU

BUT this will be no more, as you elevate the inner strength of YOUR knowing and into a shield that will protect you from the pains of others

IT is your inner strength as WISDOM that will shield you all of this

So Dear Soul, walk in your path and your journeys of YOU

REMEMBER Dear One; the past lives of your existence are going through a cleansing that is LEAVING the SOUL that burdens your WALK; but this is accelerating

This existence is memories in the ether of YOU and they contain the old paradigm that is being released.

Worry not; for they are being cleansed and leaving you without your efforts; it is an automatic process for it is your INTENTIONS to be purifying that is making all of this happenings

Dear Soul; often a path will open and then close and then open again; the walks of like cannot be understood so let go of the reasoning and enjoy each moment as you have always done

Be assured YOU exist as YOU and your insightfulness will guide you to YOU”

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE the face disappearing and I understood and maybe I was trying to hard and diminishing the flow of my energies

I began to paddle in the stream of my consciousness and enjoyed the cool temperature of the water

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE the stream was the ether of my consciousness and it was flowing quickly

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE everything fading away and I could hear the flow of water

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi

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