EH008 - MY Heart ENTRY into the CAVE of Crystal AWARENESS

1 September 2014

~  MY Heart ENTRY into the CAVE of Crystal AWARENESS ~

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE that I am standing on a purple glass ground; it is vast and as I concentrate further it is made of a hard rock. I crouch down and feel the surface and realise that it is made of million and millions of crystals

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE these crystals resemble ice crystals. They are all joined together to make a huge flour; but from the distance they appear like glass

I wondered what type of crystals they are and realise they must be diamonds and my higher spiritual self confirmed this too

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself standing up and looked ahead; as I do I see a cave and it is illuminated from the inside

A shining light was beaming like a spotlight and I headed in towards it

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself getting closer and somehow the cave getting larger and larger

The cave was not made of stone but like Etheric light but denser and had more surface structure. On distance inspection it was vibrating with a constant frequency like something shaking

Finally, I was upon the entrance and it was huge; somehow my eyes had deceived me. The cave should have been small yet it was enormous, standing 100 metres above me and 30 metres across

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE thousands of huge boulders and rocks inside; there were precious stones but they were big; some were 10feet tall others were the same across

I walked towards one rock and it was made of thousands of Rubies of different shades, all roughly size.

To my left was a jade boulder about six feet high, it had columns of crystals all sloping to the left; these were all in different sizes and all joined together to make this rock

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself scanning the different colours and noted twelve; but one stood out and this was above my head

This was a shining circular interlocking pattern made of a weave that ran through the whole surface. It was shining like a tube light and even like a diamond

This was on the ceiling of the cave and illuminated the whole place and everywhere it shone its light. It was that bright but not intense to hurt the eyes

This circular light was not of rock appearance but more symbolic; it must have been about 20feet in diameter; somehow I had seen this before, but at present was not sure where

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself walking further inside the cave and looking at the variety of coloured rocks and boulders until I see a treasure chest

I smile in excitement and open the wooden chest; in side was a single pearl necklace. In between each pearl was a circular gold flat disc

I took it out and it must have been about 20inches in size and one end was a tassel which reminded me of a rosary bead

Then I notice a piece of paper at the bottom of the chest; it was like an Egyptian parched paper and writing was like old English made from a quill pen

It was A4 in size and I sat down to read the content, it read;

“Dear Soul; in the furthest and deepest cave of your heart I give this message

You are indeed made of the finest treasures of knowledge that seep through your veins.

Do not squander the moment that is in front of YOU and BE

In this we mean, SCRIBE the words that cometh through you and continue the journey that many have not as yet found


Dear Soul venture out in your visions and continue the path that has befallen you

We remind YOU; for look upon the treasures of your HEART and the diamonds of knowledge that is stored that appears as rocks

We give you this necklace that is a symbolic in meaning for YOU to give you the courage to continue

So SCRIBE from your Etheric heart and SMILE as you walk in the dark forests of KNOWING and into the LIGHT

Your dearest SOUL of LIGHT”

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE I indeed felt restless but smiled once I had completed reading this parchment

It was I needed and my human self says otherwise from time to time; inside I felt that I was taking on other emotions from the universe and it was not ME

I look upon the pearl necklace of ivory white and it felt fluid; as I rubbed against each pearl a milk like fluid would seep out and quickly dissolve into my skin;

How unusual I thought, but nothing was unusual in my visions, I thought, as I reminded myself to keep my mind open, but let my third eye free
INSIDE MY HEART I SEE everything fading away and my vision too

Somehow an overwhelming peace and harmony I feel right now.

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi

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