EH006 - The ANCHOR~ing of My E-T-H-E-R-I-C~Heart through the Chakras

11 July 2014

~ The ANCHOR~ing of My E-T-H-E-R-I-C~Heart through the Chakras ~

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE twelve rivers of light; they are so bright and clear and more like sparklers. I watch them flow parallel to each other; but further down they converge into a big free flowing river

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself walking down to join at this river; as soon as I approach they begin to turn into different and random colours. There were lightning flashes across the water and each burst gave off a different colour

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE a blue flash across the river, followed by, green, and red, purple, yellow and it kept on going


INSIDE MY HEART I SEE a multicoloured rose rise above the river and as quickly it came up the river became silent. There was no rushing of waves but a silent and peaceful flow

I felt though this rose had calmed the flow; it was incredible to see such beauty

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE the rose slowly grow in size and its petals too; it grew so much it became like a big boat. As soon as I thought of this it began to flow across to me and I decided to go inside

It was indeed like sitting in a bed of roses, it smelt sweet and I even broke of a part of a petal to eat it. To my surprise it grew quickly back

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself not knowing why I had the urge to sit down in my rose boat; but to experience the thrill of doing so

THEN all of a sudden everything became darker and darker; as though someone had slowly dimmed the lights. It became so dark I could only see the brightness coming from the river

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE that the darker the outside became the brighter the river had begun; as though it balanced itself to maintain intensity

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE shimmering lights rise from the river in a wavey pattern. All along the river there were light columns standing erect and they began to sway

I knew instantly something was coming to pass inside my heart; perhaps an opening

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself continue to watch these lights sparkle and sway slowly

THEN my rose boat began to move incredibly fast; I grabbed the petals keeping a tight grip. I couldn’t see where we were going it I must have been travelling at warp speed through some portal

We continued down a corridor and slowly my eyes began to focus and take note of what was around me

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE we are still going down at a fast speed in a changing corridor of mixed coloured light

THEN I noticed I was changing

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE my body was turning lighter and lighter but harder too; my skin started to turn colourless like water and then I turned into a multi faceted diamond

I was still in my boat and me as a diamond

I thought where I was and my God Consciousness answered reassuring me, to enjoy the ride and not worry

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself letting go of my grip and relaxing, breathing in and out slowly

As I inhaled and exhaled the scene all around me changed

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE I was standing in a field and there is a big house far away; there is a path of multicoloured roses leading to it

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself walking towards this house, it was huge and filled with green leaves and creepers giving a look of wonder about the house

BUT the closer I got to the house the wider the path became; at its widest its must have been30ft

THEN I find myself at the door of this house

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE the door opening and straight away I see a fountain; it is about ten feet high and it was bursting gold light from its middle centre

This gold light was more like a liquidy light

I walk towards the fountain and I could see letters and symbols flowing inside this light. I reach out to touch this light and immediately I get covered all over. It was like a magnet when it attracts opposite poles

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself covered all over in symbols and letters

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE everything fading away and my vision too

The Sight of the Soul by Shazi

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