EH005 - The Entry of DIVINE I AM into My E-T-H-E-R-I-C~Heart~CHAKRA Centre

10 July 2014

~ The Entry of DIVINE I AM into My E-T-H-E-R-I-C~Heart~CHAKRA Centre ~

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE that I am walking along a Jade green floor; as I look around and see where I am, I realise the ground is made up of squares

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE each square is exactly 14ft; and at the rim and edge is inlaid with two borders of gold, each 6inches in width

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE that each square has a centre circle inlaid with gold again; but they are sparkly. I go down to have a closer look and realise that it is Etheric light shining outwards like a small laser beam

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE the longer I stood still and in silence the clarity of my vision was increasing and I was able to see finer detail then ever before

The centre gold circle had another circle but smaller about two inches in diameter. This was in a different shade of gold.

To my surprise there was another circle inside that; but this was Etheric white and this gave off the sparkles of flashing light which I saw

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself standing up then to my surprise everything had changed

I was now standing on top of a mountain; as I look to my left and right there were other mountains exactly the same. At the peek there were all gold and where I was standing too

I look down to have a closer look and realise the ground was in different shades of gold, some close to a copper colour and other close to white. I had never seen so many shades of gold.

The ground itself was like a swirly mosaic patterned tile floor; but these tiles were really all swirls and joined together to make an open ground. Then I realise that the ground too was a complete square and it too had a centre as before

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE and hear a voice softly say;

“Dear Soul, sit down and your throne, this place is home for you”

I sat down crossed leg and indeed it felt so homely and comfortably. It was like sitting on a luxurious carpet. Then it began to speak again;

“Empty thy mind and focus on my voice; the time is right for you to venture out of your body and explore the dimensions of CHANGE

So fear not and loose not hope but be venturous as you seek bounty of your knowledge”

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE my body become lighter and lighter until I looked like a ghost; but immediately realise that I was looking at my cosmic body

As I looked at my hand I see tiny lights of gold, looking like veins inside my cosmic body. It was my God Consciousness that ran through my body

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE my slowly float above the ground and then I began to rise higher and higher; then all of a sudden I was travelling at incredible speed and as I looked around everything was a blur

Somehow I felt safe and homely, as the voice had reassured me

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself travelling somewhere across the skies which where first blue then light purple and then finally violet

Everything happened so fast it was incredible; next thing I arrive at a village and it was in a garden of coloured flowers

There were only seven houses and each house was different architecturally.

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself walking along a path that looked like water and arrive at a house with golden and pearl looking hanging baskets

The door was made of a strange looking wood colour; then I realised as I got closer it was minutely carved. It was incredible to see that detail; it reminded me of the Moroccan and North African influences of the courtyard of the palaces that existed hundreds of years ago

I push the door and walk in

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE an oval table with eight people sitting down and there was a chair vacant. I could see smiles all around the table and I bowed out of respect

Somehow I recognised all of them yet I had never met them before. I sat down and they began to talk which sounded like a low tone frequency signal. It was a language which I had never heard off. It was a mixture of when you change a channell on the radio and begin to turn the dial. That mayhem of low and high pitch sound was exactly the same.

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE them smiling at me; they knew and then one spoke and said;

“Precious One, we were tuning your EARS”

Indeed instantly I could feel a tingling sensation in my ears even as I type these words too

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE that inside something did happen; my ears feel funny and these Souls must have indeed tuned my ears

I smiled back

“Precious One, your are indeed worthy to sit on this table; YOU can here and understand now; as your ears have been tuned

We are YOU,

We represent all of your elevated and past souls through all life times or your existence.

Precious One, look again”

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE another three come to the table and as if by magic, the table expanded and there chairs appeared from no where.

Including me there was now twelve

“We have all gathered today for a reason; it is what you call a unity point

Precious One, we are here to merge all life times, past and present to your FULL potential as ONE unique SOUL”

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself weeping and it was an incredible feeling inside. I have finally found my True~SELF and here they were all of them

One by One they got up and me too and started to embrace ME; as they did they converged inside of me and I could feel myself inflate and become humble

My heart was excited each time when I was embraced; it was a reaction to the God conscious spirit that whizzed through my body

I was in a daze and I can’t remember, I was indeed excited and as I collected my thoughts there was only one soul left and he said

“Precious One; you are in the light as always and when the Presence of your Divine~SELF will come to light then all be as ONE

You are now ONE with your~SELF”

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE the last soul kiss my forehead and immediately I turned into a diamond. I was completely colourless and I could feel the strength of the light from all of my past and present souls UNITE in ME#

I see him vanish in ME
INSIDE MY HEART I SEE my vision fading away and I had finished

The Sight of the Soul by Shazi

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