EH002 - The Energetic Formation of My E-T-H-E-R-I-C~Heart

05 July 2014

~ The Energetic Formation of My E-T-H-E-R-I-C~Heart ~

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE a yellow stream, with Buddha orange colours flowing along. Next to this is another stream which is pure Etheric white light

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE these two streams flowing side by side but not mixed together yet it is one stream; how rare to see such a stream that does not mix, I thought

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE more water coming out from this stream, like it was coming from beneath; amazingly and so quickly it has become a river; again the two streams of colours

I am dwarfed by the size of this huge river of yellow and orange with the other Etheric white colour;


INSIDE MY HEART I SEE something drifting towards me from this river; I could not make it out, it is too far away

As I concentrate my eyes and waited for it to come closer; I still could not comprehend what it is

After a while I began to see glimpses of it and as yet it is still very far

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE something that looks like a plate with something on top of it

The river current was flowing away from me yet this strange plate was coming towards me, how strange that is. But I thought anything is possible in this divine dimensional knowing I was in

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE eventually the plate; but it was not a plate at all, but a disc made of a white pearl looking diamond; it had swirls all the way to the centre; like concentric circles. These were all shades of white and on the top of the plate was a rock looking thing

I lean over to grab the disc and this rock

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE my sight began to see in detail.

I SEE the rock is infact is a cluster of embedded diamonds of light which has been manifested to appear as a rock. These were of different colours and exactly 72 of them. Some how my spiritual higher self instantly told me this

I knew then it was something to do with my DNA; BUT this time it was not

To my surprise, a knowing began to download inside my mind to explain what I was holding

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE a soft voice tell me;

“This 72 Dear soul represents the DNA coding of your heart and not the primary DNA of the human Self

This has manifested and continues to expand as you have opened the Heart to its CAVE of KNOWING

The River represents the HEART expansion and its flow is the continuous KNOWING through all the dimensions in the hidden realms

BUT this will expand as YOU look inwards into your heart, so let the flow, flow Dear ONE”

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE I stood in silence and wondered what the disc represented then it spoke again;

“The Disc you see is the portal transport in your heart, carrying KNOWLEDGE to all dimensions. You have activated this and so it has come.
It will bring all INSIGHT from the river of the HEART in its TRUE expression.

It only KNOWS the truth Dear ONE, untampered with and from the POOL of CONSCIOUSNESS of dimensional KNOWING”

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE the disc and rock manifestation and knew it was a part of me that I had discovered

INSIDE MY HEART I SEE that everything began to fade away and my vision too

The Inner sight of the soul by Shazi

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