EM008 - Yes we must Live by the Light

Hi Shazi

Yes must live by the light

And not divert

Sided not

: Not at our age or with our wisdom

: But those who are lesser lighted; we have to give them the chance

: When we say mistake it is only a MISSED TAKE

[And so one must allow others a TAKE

Until they come to terms with the TAKE

And feel they have TAKEN

And thusly a lesson completes

We punish others saying they commit a mistake


Be kind and support and give plenty of time and opportunities

That’s what light does and love does

When we can offer that to others, then we have ANCHORED OUR LIGHT

[And have taken our TAKE and have not missed it

[Mistake is NOT a wrong doing

There are no wrongs

Knowing this will change you this moment

And you walk this light now on

Your turn