EM005 - Shamanic Wisdom

Hi Shazi

I was reading about shamanic wisdom; this is what is opening out in me’. The divine feminine sounds feels more like a female shaman in her journey

 By age 7 x 7 = 49, 7 is in completion, we change tremendously at that age, which is where you are at!

But being a woman, there is preparatory stages to this zenith or culmination which in me started at 44 and this can be achieved, through grounding with earth

What I was reading tells me of an unfolding within as a woman in the shamanic world, it is truth and honesty to self that prevails and that is what mastery teachings have shown as well
So, I tie up some loose ends, connect some dots and see where I AM

I remembered as a woman, a path of my own as myself and I wanted/longed to know where I AM

well, the thinking or mental urge to RELY on itself can be released and make ALLIANCE instead

Reliance - codependence to
Alliance-interdependece is the mental evolution
rely = depending upon
 ally = based in equality

In reliance always there is purposeful keeping of ignorance, so that some can be leaders, controllers it is not masterful;

In alliance, one elevates others ot their own inner light and thusly it is masterful

For a master can only truly create more masters and one who creates slaves and followers is not a master

A true master does not cripple others and they dont use the words care. or sympathy not even use the word compassion but are so eaten of the fruit of passion and they come right of it
Yes, thusly come-passion....most commitment it requires

You can post it as a guest article and dont mention my name

The root of the tree is the wisdom of the fruit once detached, the fruit is no more fruitful....
to have a taste of that fruit, i see, the birds sit on the branches to consume the fruit alive s: and dont sever it off like huemans do thusly one who is connected to the root chakra is wise and fruitful at the tip of their branches....

And when root chakra opens, one is a Hue'Wo-Man --Earth Hue'Man

EARTH / Root Chakra

This came out of the pleiadian earthling Woe-Hue'Man I AM in the BE~Coming....

The Crones Wisdom

I AM BARE when I AM LIGHT and yet, the Hue'Man Shell is clothed like we are masked and work in resistance in density.

You know the resistant hue'manness against the bare natural spirit. It is the natural energy that plays in physicality.

Will talk later