EM003 - Wholeness

Wholeness and the first separation

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Divine Marriage -- kundalini and tantra

Throughout the annals of mythology and spirituality, the devi - Kunti - (the Yin/Shakti opposite Yang/Shiva) has taken many forms and faces; some of these are translated accurately, others are not. Many have become owned (over time) by some cannonisation, doctrine .. or set of dogmatic rules.

Wholeness and the first separation

At the deepest and most primordial, Yin and Yang .. deva and devi are the first separation but, they are never separate. In Hindi, she is Shakti, he is Shiva

deva : d'e'v'a is the primordial masculine principle; an essence or principle, originally; ‘a bright or shining one’ from *div- to shine; the "sign" or "omen" of the energy which pervades; bestowing, producing or imparting; as with hot fire or passion from "above" (as in Heavenly); sometimes seen as a "gift" with the concept of going inward, within or in; the life in-breath; as an aspect of Brahma

devi : dh'e'v'i is the primordial feminine principle; placement or holding; potential to go beyond or transcend; consciousness potential as in "hidden" or "the inner self" with wonder, awe; the energy which pervades ; bestowing, producing or imparting; as with cold fire or passion of receptivity; that which has the potential to 'learn' or evolve as the essence of compassion with the power to obtain or become something else

Yoga, itself, is the UNION of the deva and the devi -- masculine and feminine -- Yin and Yang -- Shiva and Shakti

The Tibetans go one step further; they call it Tantra - describing it as the warp and weft of the cloth as in the "sacred" weaving

akin to Christianity's "Divine Marriage" of the Heavenly Bride (Yin, the devi) and Bridegroom (Yang, the deva) .. for it is written:

 Tao gave birth to One;
 One gave birth to Two;
 Two gave birth to Three;
 Three gave birth to the ten thousand things.
 The ten thousand things carry Yin and embrace Yang
 The two primordial breaths blend and produce harmony.

The Tao or "The Way of All Things" is a flow, an inter-penetration, an omniscience and an omnipotence and a homeostasis of both masculine and feminine, positive and negative principles

7000 years of Kundalini and the divine marriage

The elements of the Force and the Field were inscribed on a tortise shell 5000 or so years ago; "k'un" is of the earth; the feminine; the energy of life.

Hindu's derived the name Cunti/Kundi and all its variations that have formed the roots of Country, Kind and Kildare; Kundalini as it is propogated by the purveyors of "authentic Western Guru's" is nothing more than a thought-form (Tulpa) far removed from the Sanskrit roots of the word.

But then, the Primordial Feminine the first separation from the void is something that the conscious mind cannot manipulate or control for the simple reason that this one bit computer is nothing more than the product of one's dis-eased feminine .. a feminine that is separated from the Void.

The Divine Marriage -- cross culturally

The feminine is the field in the pairing of the force and the field; she is sometimes represented as 'of the manifestation' ... 'of the earth'. In the Christian prayer, we find "Thy Will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven".

To most, she is mysterious, deep, dark sultry ..

[07:35:08: Rumi (1207 - 1273) writes:

"Woman is the radiance of God; she is not your beloved.
 She is the Creator—you could say that she is not created."

So, once again, we have a whore word .. Alla as the divine feminine, the "moon", the goddess of Fertility, the symbol of womanhood .. transliterated from Ancient Aramaic as "sin". Moon was worshipped in its threefold existence - waxing, (maiden), full (pregnant mother) and waning (old wise woman). The Virgin was the New Moon.

 Muyiddin ibn al- ′Arabî (born 1165) wrote,

"To know woman is to know oneself,
 Whoso knoweth his self, knoweth his Lord"

.. and,
"man′s supreme witnessing of Allâh
 is in the form of the woman during
 the act of sexual union .."

In the Kabbalah, just below the first Sphere (sefirah) of divine emanation known as Keter (crown; summit; pinnacle), lie the two roots of masculine and feminine, known as Hokhmah and Binah.

 Binah is the Kabbalistic feminine symbol for Understanding, a prelude to wisdom. "Binah, the Great Mother, sometimes also called Marah, the Great Sea, is, of course, the Mother of All Living. She is the archetypal womb through which life comes into manifestation."

[07:36:04]: She is both the key and the mystery;
 who can be decoded only through Muladhara ...

[07:36:43]: Muladhara (ROOT CHAKRA) bears the Sanskrit letters va, scha, sha, and sa and the seed sound in the centre is lam

I am ... the mother of my father and the daughter of my son

[07:38:58]: Kundalini is the power and potential of fertility, creation and re-creation. We are all born with Kundalini awakened. It is our natural state, repressed throughout life (and many lifetimes) by unconscious learned and inherited memories, beliefs and behavioural patterns.

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