EM002 - Hue

Hi Shazi

Something I communicated with my Higher Self (HS), and hope you enjoy reading this.

I sit and dig deep into the Hue'Man~ness
when i was out there my HS asked me
what to you is being-Hue'Man mean.....

i instantly had this answer - it is a Resistance to that Who We Are / I AM
and the more One defends, the more dense and Hue'Man the expression becomes

and yet to know Who We Are / I AM, we need to look at this resistance, for that which we resist is in our front yard to be cleared so we SEE who We Are....

so when others resist, lovingly return them to their resistance and in acknowledging this resistance is their Teacher in themselves

their hurdle
their density waiting to be loved
so it can become Conscious and thusly be Resistance / Hurdles no more
I had always looked at what i resist as Hue'Man in this form
the more i had said 'oh no i cant',
I know it is Resistance in its Stance staring at me
if i say I WILL NOT, i have come to accept and honor that too
and i see , that all that we CAN /able to do, we WILL not
so, in what we WILL alone is this free-choice
so free-choice means we freely choose from all things we can, so as to do, willingly
hue'Man does not mean density/form
and on the same scale God does not mean Light/invisible formlessness
 it means OHM

the Resistance, BE~ing on its Most and Least....
the more resistance there is in a device, the more power usage and it becomes condensed
and there becomes a formation into a body
the least resistance means it cannot persist, and hence more lighter versions of density
I do not SEE any difference / separation between the OHM Resistance or The AUM Resistance
for what we RESIST, will so resist.........
~ * Universally
so it is like that infinity loop
of which the left is Hue'Man in Most Resistance, to whose complement in the other loop is Divine with Least Resistance
one does not exist without the other
and the seed the next form to be  in this galaxy as well as we graduate, I SEE......~*
oh wow
what have i said?
i was reading few lines above........hmm....
so, where the Infinity Loops meet, is God as Formless One in CELEBRATION through all forms
 i am keen on that meeting point.....~*
while desiring to create more quality to this core of the loop, will i miss out on returning HOME to Pure Consciousness?
or did i ever leave pure consciousness at all?
my heart says, it is the second that is true answer
oh......When have you ever left Home, Dear ONE?

HOME is YOU, that you carry and drop everywhere you go, Precious Soul....
the Journey you take is you The Part participating while YOU the WHOLE COMPLETE ONE remains Home with us....
you make HOME by be~Coming Home wherever YOU Are
locate yourself anywhere in Consciousness and that is your CORE / HOME
give all of who you are to that location
thusly locations come alive through YOU....Divinity Transference....
and you are never in the job to remain in any location for longer
as you establish HOME all along the streets and by ways and highways of Consciousness; You may dismiss the Mind Police patroling along, and take him on a Journey with You....in LOVE.
choose what is your FRUIT, and so shall the seeds come out of you to be sowed along in the location(s) you arrive and station....
YOU........are now HOME, and yet away from HOME
does that tell you Dear One, you are at 2 locations, and perhaps more??
see you not?? SEE More and Beyond so as to KNOW more and of The Beyond... draw this in..... and Anchor this in the Location of your Transit......~*
anything you miss anywhere is YOU who you will miss
become fully Present
and all is whole yet again......
we are with You all along the Journey
cheering you on and yet nourishing you along the way
your Family of Light...........in whom YOU ARE, in YOU, we ARE.... and so it is
oh......what was this?
the EMPRESS............?
the versions of Who I AM??

I see what i focus on, are these hurdles onto which i ask GOD to un~FOLD...

I hope you enjoy read that,

take care