EA211 - Leaving Fears Behind


Hello Son,

Leaving Fears Behind

This is the year of cleansing and all past hurtful memories must be dealt with and be left behind. We must remind you of this as some are holding on to some memories that need to be forgotten or come to terms with.

Like an illness it will cause weight and heaviness to the body; but any kind of hindrances causes gravity and the soul cannot fly freely. In ascension the mind, body and soul must be free mentally.

The dark lords who have ruled earth for centuries knew this, and ruled the world accordingly. We are constantly told of awful things on the news; to make us all feel worried and fearful. Though the atmosphere is changing, there is still a lot of work still left to be done.

Mental fear or worries of the past has to be left behind; remember you are graduating this year, so let go. Forget the mistakes of the past and move on as the Creator has better plans for you.

Freeing the mind will free the knowledge to flood into you and lighten the effects of the body. The more you learn about yourself, the more spiritually incline you will become. Your own principles will be upgraded each time you learn.

It has been a long time for the final phase of mankind’s third dimensional existence before the upgrade of consciousness. Freeing the mind is like letting go of lead weights.

Oh mankind, the Divine light is like a river that flows freely through all creation and existence. This has never ceased since the beginning of time. However, if we are to drink from this river, we must first stop building dams in front of it.

This is our negative or burdened mind that stops the flow.

Each time we chatter, unnecessary of our fears and worries, this reduces the flow and we only receive just a fractional amount instead of the full message. How is mankind ever to understand if we do not understand ourselves? Make every effort to lighten the burden that is in your minds.

With positive, continuous reading and practice, it is the only solution to success of the self and wisdom of the higher consciousness.

You mother; through routine man is burdened, but spiritual routine man is uplifted to the higher realms of existence.