EA210 - Healing


Hello Son,


For a body to be totally healed, the mind, body and spirit must be free from any illnesses too.

Any illness has to be dealt with immediately; we are talking about long illnesses and not just a headache. When the medicine is taken, it is advisable to say a prayer before hand, or even blowing over with verses of the Holy Book will work even better.

By doing so, the intention is positive and Divine intervention will take place, and hopefully the patient will be better soon.

We must note something which is important, if the patient is reluctant and negative or mentally unstable, any treatment will take longer. This is because he is dismissing any help, therefore he will not draw upon the positive healing light available from the universe.

Not only this, he may be full of anger, which is a negative state and perhaps lacks any belief; this can make healing challenging.

A patient must be surrounded with positive people who have patience and the willingness to help. Support is the key to start off with; then the patient must make every effort to get better by reading something happy and positive. This is because it will get the person out of the mind frame they were previously in.

In any illness long or short, there is constant mental chattering, unhappiness and a feeling of isolation.

The body and the mind is under stress and the soul and higher consciousness cannot communicate because of the illness.

Everything breaks down and signals are constantly lost and misinterpreted, adding to the disruption. The normal processes and functions for the body and the mind become confused also. As a precaution the mind begins to protect itself and starts running on ‘safe mode’. This is when the body directs energies where it needs it most, this leaves other organs idle.

However, not all illnesses work this way and there are exceptions.

Healing the mind is the final and complete healing; otherwise any thought still present, can reignite the illness. This is very common and occurs frequently.

Oh mankind there is a saying, when a person is ill the whole family becomes ill; this is because everyone is affected. Everyone around feels the discomfort and starves the positive energy from the surroundings.

Your mother; help those in need and be gentle, it is not easy but with faith anything is possible.