EA209 - Do Not Feed the Chattering


Hello Son,

Do Not Feed the Chattering

Is something bothering you?

Is your mind doing overtime with all the thinking; well this is not good for you. This does not matter what it is, because it is draining the energy out of you.

Your mind is chattering away feeding the thought and making it grow, it does matter, and negative thoughts wastes energy and we become restless.

So you try to tell yourself that it is okay and you can handle it; but at the same time the thoughts keep coming and going. The focus is still there, the chattering still continues.

It is not okay.

Oh mankind turn the other way and move into the light; try to relax and push it away from your mind.

The connection with your consciousness and higherself is the goal; however, if the mind is busy elsewhere the energies will be diverted to somewhere else.

Oh mankind remember, do not make these thoughts your actions when it's already is draining the energy out of you. When they manifest, the outcome will not be fruitful, but the opposite.

Learn to negate the mind, to be free from the chatter and increase the silence each day by meditating.

Simple words produce powerful outcomes for the mind to develop and grow into energy that feeds and expands the mind. It is necessary to be aware of this that way mistakes in learning and perfecting oneself can be learnt.

Your mother; learn the key to an open mind.