EA208 - The Needs of the Heart


Hello Son,

The Needs of the Heart

Oh mankind the needs of the heart are simple, so take heed.

The heart feels the pull to the positive light and without the connection to you it cries. It does not understand why there is no connection when it hears all your thoughts. It cannot believe that you are facing the wrong way.

Face towards the heart and listen; for the mind is only a translator for the higher consciousness.

The heart can see, communicate, store knowledge than any expansion of libraries put together. It is an incredible organ, worthy of praise to one who created it. The heart needs you to do the simple things in life before the connection is made.

This is done by doing the right things, by staying away from chaos and those who bring ruin to others; speak generously and praise whenever you can.

This is the secret to opening the heart, it is easier than you think.

The heart has been given instructions to reveal all secrets stored inside by the Creator. Each day the energies arriving and upgrading the bodily system; it is exactly the same as retuning a car to perform better on the road.

The heart is working incredibly hard trying to tune into you, but you are always facing the wrong way; it is exactly the same as not getting in the car when it is available to you for free.

What are you going to do?

There is only one answer, one which has already been given; so be patient; as it is you who has to learn to face and tune towards the correct direction.

Your mother; wisdom is the art of listening, reading and acting upon advice to change a negative outcome into the light.