EA207 - Targeting Positivity


Hello Son,

Targeting Positivity

Day by day you are coming increasingly aware of what is right or wrong. You can also know instinctly that something good is going to happen. There seems to be a pull and you can feel yourself moving towards positive things.

There is also another change in the opposite direction, as negative or wrongful actions are making you turn the other way; which is good.

Your mind is tuning to positivity as you shun away the things or people that make you feel uncomfortable. The mind as a result is telling you something, hence the reaction.

You are guided; there is no doubt.

Each day there is a change within you and you can tell, so listen and listen again.

Be aware of how emotions make you feel, then react sensibly without hurting others.

To harmonise the atmosphere and rid the negativity, speak positively about something; this will neutralise the effect and bring balance to events and surrounding. Remember you are the example who others will follow.

I am aware sometimes it is not easy, but try. However, to avoid others taking advantage, stand your ground and be counted. Do not negotiate until they know the difference between what is right or wrong. Fair play must be exercised here.

In balance, the energies remain neutral and with your presence they quickly turn to positivity. In doing so others will see your mood and will change accordingly.

You are already targeting light that makes everyone feel good all inside; the mind feels settled and so do others around you.

When you read, listen to others, watch and talk to others; remember to recognise what is good. At the same time expect others who are not the same as you spiritually, so give them plenty of time to change. Speak gently of them regardless of their behaviour, but watch your own.

Your mother; when etiquette recognises the truth, harmony will bring the energies to work for the one who listens and speaks gently. There is weight in these words.

Love you.