EA206 - In Harmony


Hello Son,

In Harmony

Oh mankind be in harmony with yourself and recognise the wisdom of the higher consciousness as your teacher and guide. It is connected with your soul, which is connected to the God self.

There is wisdom when he speaks and there is inspiration when he suggests.

There is no other consciousness in the planet that can guide so intently with passion. Since the beginning of your life it has stayed with you and never have we ever said thanks to such a useful and important consciousness.

We have simply accepted it as the three of mind, body and soul; and we shouted at it when we were confused or angry. Yet it still stayed with us through our darkest moments of our lives, and we kept asking more and more questions.

We almost forget when the going becomes challenging our synchronicity is lost; we depend on our mind at that point and the God self connection has been lost. We thrash around our mind and on occasions we make the right judgement, but we do not have the higher self informing us that it was correct.

Without this balance of consciousness and higher self, we cannot move along the path of enlightenment as it requires harmony between the two.

The Creator has made this easy too.

Mankind is practicing this balance daily and we are becoming aware of things we could not achieve a decade ago. Such is the learning taking place that we ask for even more, as the thirst cannot be dampened.

Oh mankind knowing is an opening of the heart in stages, as you read another part of you opens up and becomes enlightened.

Continue to read and read even more; the knowledge of the Creator whether small or huge is here to inspire mankind.

Your mother; in recognising the truth of all truth, then we are able to make giant leaps forward.