EA205 - Lack of Open Hearts


Hello Son,

Lack of Open Hearts

Ascension of the planets could have been ten years ago, but due to the lack of open hearts. The proportion was so small that the Creator heard the prayer of the people who were wake and the Ascended Masters who wanted more people to awaken.

Once again the pace seems slow and the plans are not going into over drive due to the lack of people who are awake.

But the proportion is getting better each day and is nothing like tens ago. Many people are consciously making an effort to raise awareness of ascension and 2012 scenarios.

Oh mankind open your own hearts even further to quicken the steps for others too. They may not understand right now, but tomorrow is another story.

Love is the only key that quickens the pace to the Creator and also opens the heart. Once open it will remain open and you will reap the rewards.

Love is sharing and being kind to others, when others missed the opportunity. The message is the same, love embraces all creeds and religions, it ignores politics and sees only one thing to multiply.

Join a group or make your own group and multiply your own energies; this will quicken ascension and make the necessary changes for the planet to do the same.

The more open hearts there are, the better society will be and economy too.

Your mother; your heart is open and it is time that you sat in silence and multiply your own energies to feed the rest of the world. I will help you too.