EA204 - Collapsing Society


Hello Son,

Collapsing Society

The world cannot sustain its third dimensional plans and ideas of old. The world and society is collapsing and it is getting worse each day. The fathers of old who created the ideas of a boosting economy are failing as debt is out of control.

There are but a few countries around the world that are debt free, the rest are so bad, that they are not worth saving because it will mean collapsing another country as well.

The world leaders think they can make things right soon, but they are only delaying the inevitable.

New plans have already been forwarded to change and improve the system; which has been run by the rich and leaving the rest to fend for themselves.

This unfair system together with debt forgiveness is already on the table of world leaders and if they refuse, they will suffer the consequences of arrest and imprisonment. Some have already resigned knowing the outcome could mean jail for them.

Not only this but moral values had been so unsociable that the Creator had to intervene to wake up and rid of prejudism.

The last ten years has seen an increasing change for the good, and especially the last two years where cooperation in every walk of life has people work together.

The system continues to fall and it is sad that it took long for people to understand, now everyone is paying the price. In some countries the economy will get worse and some will become bankrupt. They can be saved if the rich share out the monies hidden away in secret vaults in mountains.

Watch the news to see people being resourceful and making creative ideas to stay away from borrowing money.

Your mother; make it happen and see what good ideas are out there; but remember your main goal.