EA203 - Uplift Yourself


Hello Son,

Uplift Yourself

Remind yourself that each day belongs to you and it is your thoughts that govern your life.

Each day if your intention is good and simply if you want good days then say it out loud to yourself and believe. It happens all the time, your thoughts are very power and they do give you inspiration.

These inspiring words will uplift you and bring the confused or tired mind back into balance. When this happens you are then able to think clearly and avoid making rash opinions or judgements.

Every day can be different and due to the surroundings, energies can be low. However, when we draw upon the universal energy and with a positive assertion, things can change very quickly.

When this happens the people around you will change and there will be a smile in everybody’s faces.

Oh mankind your thoughts and positive actions is the key to your own success, not forgetting dedication. Without those three, mankind will surely remain in the third dimensional realm forever. But this does not have to be if we all make an effort.

Some people say that time is going fast, it is for those of you who do not use it wisely. The Creator gives time and extends it for those who want to improve themselves and find their hearts.

Let routine pull you down but accept them as a learning curve; as there are many things that others need your support on. It is this reason the world is still continuing with the daily grind of events.

Your mother; it is the mind that awakens the heart.