EA202 - No Barriers


Hello Son,

No Barriers

Often people ask why is nothing happening?

Oh mankind there are no barriers to your learning and awakening; in every field of learning we have made it easy for you. It is the effort you put in that will reap the rewards, and there is no doubt.

The Creator has decreed that more and more opening energies be available to mankind so that he may understand. It is this energy when harnessed regularly and daily, mankind will unveil him from the darkness.

This is happening all over the world, so be patient and connect to your higher self regularly.

Once all of you devise a regular routine and stick to this, all varieties of spiritual enlightenment will wake up; so be not despondent but, believe it is going to happen to you.

Do you think after so long that you, after regularly working so hard that the Creator will forsake you? No is the answer.

The more you work on yourself, the abilities you seek will harvest their fruits. It is this harvest that will bring further harvests.

You will plant the seeds, and there is no doubt, that it will multiply into further awakening for others.

Oh mankind this is the time for prayer, for every moment spent is a further leap to your own ascension.

Do not worry about your families, as the Creator has a plan for everyone, so trust in His plan and the further path He has set out for everyone. Do not wrangle and confuse your mind and just let go.

Let the events unfold but concentrate on yourself.

Your mother; the fruits are ready to harvest and the workers are coming to help.