EA201 - High Frequency Opening


Hello Son,

High Frequency Opening

The intuitive and higher self only functions when we tune to higher frequencies. When a person raises his vibrations over time the pineal gland or third eye becomes active.

If a person of third density tries to concentrate, hoping to connect to his higher conscious, they are not going to be successful. It is the very reason in every religion and belief that chanting of Holy verses is prescribed.

This also includes meditation and contemplation.

If a person wants to progress his spiritual path, then he must keep raising his vibration according to his prescribed way. Then and then will his, third eye, dream world, channelling, higher instinct open.

All the Prophets and Saints of the past prescribed and practiced this daily. This is the only way, but it is easier than you think, as long as your mind is at peace and not in conflict.

As soon as mankind is lost in third dimensional reality, his vibration reduces further. If we look back in history, it has been a very busy 100yrs, with the advancement of technology. This very advancement has led mankind to almost blindness of himself.

If the Creator did not intervene then mankind would be headed for wars all over the world.

With continued practice and recognising that the opening of yourself is up to your own effort; mankind will surely succeed.

Your mother; make time to prepare for the forthcoming events