EA200 - Saint Germain - Part 11


Hello Son,

Saint Germain - Part 11

I am Saint Germain and greet everyone in the name of the Creator.

If you have been regularly practicing and raising your vibrations then this is the time for you. However, some people will wake up immediately to see the light and they too will understand;

My message for you is to embrace the energy when it comes and absorb this into your human vessel. When that moment arrives do not be afraid but walk through that door of opportunity.

There is not a single path but many, but they all lead to the Divine Creator; but the opportunities are coming your way soon. For some it has already started and they can feel the change within themselves.

These vibrations will merge and unite the consciousness with your higherself and the gate will open. No longer will you have to fend yourselves but at last the helper has arrived to pave way for your journey forward.

When that moment arrives, bring it close to your heart and celebrate the gift that the Creator is giving you. With patience the gift will reveal its secrets and it will show you how to use it. It is coming be assured and carry out your lives until then.

When it comes, you will change immediately as though a button has been switched on, and you will see the rewards immediately. Many people will awake differently as this writer has mentioned many times in his channellings. So do not compare with others and be thankful for what you have.

When that moment arrives the energies that have been idle in your body will merge forces with the new energy and you will be completely uplifted.

Do not waste your time away and bring this energy to yourselves.

The moment is now; the Creator wishes this for everyone but it is you who are listening and I give you this light. Meditate this gift and open up the mind and receive more each day.

Every person is different and will awake in stages or completely, so be patient, do not argue in your minds for he sees all and hears all.

The Creator is forgiving and knows how excited you all are, and has mercy and forgiveness for you all.

The moment will come so keep these special words in your minds and believe and keep believing.

I am Saint Germain and may you embrace the new found energies of further awaking to yourselves; tread the world carefully and have mercy for those who you came across daily in your lives.