EA199 - Saint Germain - Part 10


Hello Son,

Saint Germain - Part 10

I am Saint Germain and greet everyone in the name of the Creator.

Mankind in his life has had to defend him from all aspects of life as he is judged by the material world. However, the time has come for everyone to let go of these emotions buried deep into your minds; because you have all graduated from this scenario.

The Creator wishes that all judgements and negative comments be put to oneside. There is a greater need to accept the coming of the spirit; this change of atmosphere which has enveloped the body and the world in a new aura.

This light is spreading all over the world and the changes are taking place. But the most important one is the one inside your hearts.

The world will play out the scenes of life but there is another play, and this is you. Your role is to shine the world with light and be an example to others so they too may understand and share the celebrations with you.

This we accept is a constant reminder to be patient and that you too are special.

Your lives have been put aside from the main role play of life as you find a new path of enlightenment. This is the Creator's plan from far aback; during the final days of the Earth's third dimensional existence that you would follow, the path of the soul to graduation.

It is with immense excitement as we the Ascended Masters watch from a distance the plan unfolding.

Let the events play their role and leave your mind free from biased opinions, others around you will always have a say, whether it is correct or not. Mankind has been in so much pressure and stress and is the reason why he has behaved this way.

The Creator understands and forgives those who have forgiven themselves and have changed their own mentality and path. This will continue and hopefully those who decide to ascend will change too.

You are the shining stars that illuminate the world which is still in places need to be lit.

You are the change of this world from the deep crevices of change.

You are all the moment and the start of a new era of special people.

You are all the masters of yourselves.

You are all the light that shines in the hearts of others as they wish to be like you.

You have understood and made the revolutionary changes so that others may understand.

You are all the masters of holding others together, so that they unload their woes onto you.

You are their rock, their jewel and made light their burden.

You are the entire one who will walk through the new world of the fifth dimensional world.

You are what you are and the Creator has chosen you.

I am Saint Germain, and it is the change that will change others to illuminate the light, that will  shine everywhere around the world. In patience and tolerance you will win the battle and find the elevated path for the soul.