EA198 - Saint Germain - Part 9


Hello Son,

Saint Germain - Part 9

I am Saint Germain and greet everyone in the name of the Creator.

I recognise everyone’s concern at this time as funds are low due to the recession; but let me reassure everyone that the changes are coming and soon you will all know of them.

But there is another richness which will fill your appetite and this wealth is ever lasting. This is recognising the wealth existing in your heart and not your mind. The mind due to outside interference and biasness can be misled, but the heart knows all.

This is the uniqueness of you, just like your finger print.

To open this wealth we need to keep a restraint of our actions verbally and instead practice meditation and good practice amongst you and in everyday practices.

It is this kindness that unlocks the secrets of the hearts; let me assure you it is soon coming for you all. But this treasure is different for all as everyone’s path is unique.

As you play the game of life, accept the things and challenges around you, show restraint where possible and praise the Creator even when things become challenging.

Do not let your personal lives come into chaos but create the balance through kind words and love. By doing so the heart will continue to open until the connection is made.

You are all unique and special and possess the Divine spirit within.

There is a need for compassion internally and externally. So praise yourself for the world had left you confused and you felt alone. There were many occasions in your lives when tears had been shed. Now praise yourself again as during these times you overcame those events and now are riding the crest of the moon.

You have made it and because of your higher thinking you have accepted the higher path of guidance. So thank the people around you who made it possible and say a prayer for them because they do need your prayers too.

Show kindness in your everyday lives and help those who never ask for help.

But remember your own personal path and work on it daily, and find the time for your families, as the love started from there.

I am Saint Germain and thank you again for calling me, and I gladly share my knowledge with you all. May the love of the Creator descend into your hearts and implode to ignite the spark within.