EA197 - Anything that is Bought has No Real Value


Hello Son,

Anything that is Bought has No Real Value

The worldwide recession that has been going on for the last two to three years, has taught many lessons for the populations in the entire world.

There was a, ‘must have’ tendency of consumer spending that was getting out of control. Many who were trying to keep up their image and trends are now paying the price.

The boom of mobile phones to TV still continues and lessons are finally being learnt.

This downward spiral of spending has put a hold in many homes to buy what is necessary. Many are learning that there are something’s they can live without.

Before the recession mankind was divided into three sections; the people who were waking up; those who are still stuck with their routine and finally the population who are awake; as they were able to slow down themselves and focus on to the source.

This recession has brought everything into focus and perspective; and some things that are bought really have no value at all. They simply give only some pleasure and are not the lasting one they were seeking.

Not only this, people have actually had more time than they thought; and it is this time they are utilising to find their aims and goals in life. Many are waking up and finding themselves and like what they see in the future. So it may seem doom and gloom, they know through all the evidence in the news and web, that things will get better.

As this year begins to unfold, many lessons continually are being learnt and new approaches of living have been adopted. There is more cooperation than before as families who had only contacted each other seldomly are now merging together as one extended family.

This merging has opened up new ideas and sharing of ideals.

This continues to grow as long as populations stop and think what they are doing and admit that the world is but an illusion built for mankind to experience and learn.

Your mother; through reflection and wisdom many will find the path that will make them happy.