EA196 - Peace at Home


Hello Son,

Peace at Home

There is a mass awakening of consciousness everywhere around the world, and more and more people are putting their views across. On occasions this can erupt into major arguments and destabilise the surroundings.

Everything is energy, and this energy we feel and absorb on a daily basis. So if there are challenging moments in the environment then we feel the tension.

At home, which is the most important environment, a balance and positivity is needed for a family to thrive and progress forward. It is the parents and the head of the household that have this privilege to make adjustments if necessary and make difficult decisions to create this perfect balance.

On occasions, this includes every single family dating back millions of years, there is a difference of opinion. However, we want to discuss the modern perspective of what is happening at this current time.

In the family household, family members are awakening at different times, and this can cause difference of opinions. For those who are awake it is becoming easier as they race through the understanding that have led them to their spiritual path, whether they are aware of this or not; but many are. They have often kept up-to-date news of current times to reinforce their belief of what is about to happen in this year and next.

There are many members of the family (in every place around the world) who are simply totally unaware of any changes; and still going about their business as normal, in the same house.

We have to give them plenty of time for them to wake up.

 Let them have their own opinions, rather than arguing over points that do not come to any agreement or conclusion; there may have been no balance in the house because of this. It is necessary for a person who does understand the practice and the spiritual belief he is following.

These moments of opinions will always be there and it is these moments when we have to stop and say to ourselves is it worth it, to carry on.

Patience is needed and give plenty of time for any person to come to some agreement. This does not mean that you are right all the time, the other party can be right. So sort things out quickly to maintain the balance and the peace at home.

Smile, and keep smiling and give thanks to the Lord of challenging moments like these.

Oh mankind remember, to go back into the state of peace and silence, in your meditation and contemplations. Adhere to your routines, that you have found, the way to enlightenment.
Your mother; let the peace of the Creator overwhelm you wherever you go and that others around you may understand.