EA195 - Black Magic


Hello Son,

Black Magic

Yes it exists.
Yes it is powerful.
Yes it messes with your mind.

When a lower entity enters the body it has one aim, to engulf and take over it. These entities are from a lower dimension and they cannot tolerate a third dimensional body on earth. This entity will then try to destroy it by making the mind negative.

It does this by attaching itself to the organs and in particular the nervous system, when this happens the body slowly withdraws its positive energy and the entity starts taking over with its own lower vibrations.

Now the body slows down and the nervous system loses its third dimensional wisdom and starts fighting with the low density entity, internally. This battle continues for the rest of the person’s life, sometimes it wins and sometimes it loses. This means the third dimensional wisdom can return to its full capacity on occasions, but it cannot stay there for long and slowly slips back into confusion; the body is possessed.

A person with knowledge of black magic can do this to anyone; BUT that is only true for a person who doubts and lacks belief, otherwise this will have no effect on a positive person.

However, these dark entities can possess a person who they find easy and match their negativity, without someone casting spells on them.

When a person is possessed, it is wise to raise your own frequency to rid the entity. This can be done by reading verses of Holy Books, chanting verses, performing meditation and having faith.

However, sometimes it can be a long time before anybody notices, but often there a simple signs to look out for; these are instability in relationships and loved ones, constant mood swings and erratic behaviour, isolation and lack of true emotions.  

Huge arguments can be seen between families and if this is the case, then go back to basics of reading the Holy Books for a period of forty days to start off with. Then a close monitoring of the person concerned; at the same time he must take every precaution of what he says and what he does. His actions must be positive.

This means he must take every effort to change and have faith; this includes the people around him.

Positive intentions lead to positive outcomes.

Your mother; there is one God and He created everything in the correct proportions, be wise in all of your dealings.