EA194 - End Power and Fear


Hello Son,

End Power and Fear

Power feeds fear and fear feeds power; they work in harmony. This is how the dark cabal and the dark lords running this world have programmed mankind’s life in this way.

They have total control over the media and television over decades of years. But as mankind has rid the veil and finally found its roots they are realising the truth.

For so long we have been fooled by what we see in the media. We think it is automatically true and seldom do we question if the new is true. This is because we had lost our touch with the Creator and have run our lives not in control but the control of negative people and entities.

Now we have realised this and if you desire more proof then use your finger tips and research the internet.

Belief ends fear and power has no room when we communicate with our higherself and the Creator. In our daily lives too, fear stops us from doing things correctly, as it clogs our judgement.

When we also become bossy and try to will others or forcibly do something, then the flow of light is restricted. There is a need for this to be reminded and some people have made a drastic decision to stop watching TV altogether and have relied to themselves to find the news. This approach I leave up to you as you know yourselves.

But stop yourself and really consciously be aware of how you feel each day and if it helps write it down and at the end of the day read it back to yourself. Monitor your own emotion and what you did.

Scrutiny is essential to rid the body of the toxins and replace them with truth and light. At present with so much light coming to earth, it is conflicting with your own. The light is battling with your own emotions when it wants replace them with new fresh energy; leading to a fresh new outlook on life.

Your mother; through belief on oneself and dedication and working with others you will all triumph.