EA193 - At an Instant


Hello Son,

At an Instant

When thought is created and we start to think, time is then created; followed by our logic mind interpreting the information.

We can conclude that linear time is present when conscious thought is created. This world time plays an instant role in every action that we do; not only this but in events outside our control.

For example, when a leaf falls from a tree, time is created; we can measure the time immediately. Not only this, even a leaf has a conscious. It is why so many people especially gardeners’ talk to their plant and even they encourage others too; because their inner guidance and instinct has instructed them to do so.

In travel or in life, time cannot be dismissed as being unimportant as everything has a conscious, even whole cites, referring back to an earlier channelling.

In the dream world, time does not play any role. When we dream, we are immediately at a place when suddenly we can be somewhere else. This is because there is no time to worry about. We arrive at any destination at an instant, this is because of telepathy. Not only this we are able to fly freely in dreams. We are simply free from time and space.

In the fifth dimensional world, time and space is also not present and telepathy is used in everything we are able to do.

However, miracles do happen in our daily lives that sometimes we are unaware about and sometimes we have noticed how things have happened. We call this Divine intervention and this is when the Creator decides that some things should happen immediately.

We all believe in this, otherwise why would we waste our time praying to God; we often will a miracle to happen.

As the more closer you get to the Creator and He has gained your trust, things and even miracles will happen at an instant.

Your mother; wishing you all that you too can gain this trust with the Creator and reap His rewards.