EA192 - So Close


Hello Son,

So Close

Everyday all of you are making progress to awaken the inner teacher within, this connection of the higher and conscious minds is left before you begin to understand.

This inner guidance can be connected when you look inside in silence and concentrate; all of you are so close and it is just a matter of time when a connection is made.

This connection is not all the same for everybody.

Some people will have vivid dreams which they can get all the necessary guidance. Others will communicate with their higher consciousness, and some through meditation will see and experience the hidden world.

Whilst others through reading will begin to understand and will comprehend further knowledge.

There are other paths to learning and connecting with your higherself, unique to others.

Oh mankind the Creator has been by your side through life and it is time to share the spoils with your inner teacher in your heart. But you ignore your own power and wisdom. Everyone needs to take time out from their time table; it is necessary and cannot be delayed any further.

In the old time line man reached full maturity at the age of 40; however this is not true for this era. Once man has realigned himself, he becomes mature immediately and begins to comprehend immediately. The more he connects his knowledge, wisdom and instinct increases.

By your own finger tips knowledge can be downloaded and read immediately at a second. Never before in history has the Creator made it so easier to everyone to learn.

You are all so close so do not give up and concentrate on perfecting everything you be and say.

Your mother; in patience and self control will lead you to riches of the heart.