EA191 - In Alignment


Hello Son,

In Alignment

When we are constantly thinking of the higher path; spiritual journey, one's cosmic goal and the Creator; we are then aligned with the vibration of higher consciousness.

It is the very reason this writer has been channelling so much; he has aligned himself to this vibration, and is refining the tuning to get a better signal.

When we align towards this positive vibration, we become stronger spiritually and consciously. One's mental tolerance increases as more clarity and wisdom of thinking increases. Adding to this, we become immune to the plagues of the material world; ridicule, anger, jealousy and greed.

Being in alignment produces clarity of thinking as long as we build upon the thoughts that come into our mind and put them into action in our daily lives.

Mistakes will become less as the universe will bow down to your new found mind and focus. The universe is compelled to act upon your wishes or even your positive thoughts.

Being in alignment makes things happen quickly as it working at a higher frequency than the dense gravity vibration of time in the material world.

By regularly tuning yourselves to the higher vibration we rid the chattering mind that confuses our thinking and replaces it with the positive and revitalises lost energy.

One's health will increase and instinct will soon follow.

If you look again in history; all the Prophets' hard alert minds as they were, constantly tuned in with their higher consciousness and to the source. This is also true for those people who are correctly in tuned with the source.

But this is not only enough.

The Prophets had good character and were obedient. So if we want the full package, we have also to consider manners, behaviour, being respectful and most important; leading by example. Our actions and what we do to others has to be considered too.

When we align ourselves to the correct frequency in God, we must remember to give thanks to the Lord who has created you from clay. A constant remembrance and thankfulness to Him, as we are all aware of, yet sometimes we simply forget.

Your mother; being in alignment with your spiritual guide and the Creator is necessary before any progress can be made in your journey.