EA190 - Value Your Mistakes


Hello Son,

Value Your Mistakes

This year is called the year of cleansing before ascension.

Everyone’s mind has been thinking about their past, events and their scenes of their life. The Creator has ordered this to happen so that you can let go of them; he wants all of us to let go of the mistakes that weighed us down.

Yes we have mentioned this in earlier channelling; it is going to be repeated in different words.

These mistakes are not mistakes, however it allows you to make a correct judgement and inspire you to do something positive or better. These events were some of your own doing whilst others and the Creator placed them in front of you; simply to inspire you to think subconsciously and lead you to better things.

It is time to put everything to rest and throw them out, they do not belong with you any more, because you are all vibrating at a higher frequency than the so called mistakes that you think over and over again and of others too.

Throw then this way, and be at peace.

The Creator knows that life has been a learning curve and finally you have reached this graduation, embrace this news and repeat it over and over again until you smile at your own success.

These messages are a constant reminder that you are winning the battle and negative forces are in retreat.

You have all grown so much that you have finally learnt from all of your experiences; it is the reason why you have all been guided by the Creator, who continues to inspire you for the best.

You have won the battle and now the time has come to tune yourselves to the Creator.

Your mother; learn to forgive with a smile and remember to love each other with a hug.