EA189 - The Essence of Creation


Hello Son,

The Essence of Creation

From an earlier age mankind has many questions on its goal and why he was born. This question that has plagued, even tortured the mind have left many to make themselves completely feel useless.

This is an often repeating question that follows us round until we try to answer it with some satisfaction.

The essence of life and the conscious mind is to find the path to the Creator.

The chattering conscious mind was designed in such way until the answer was found; if not the mind will remind you over and over again, until you have listened and got the picture.

What has this done to mankind?

This means that the mental searching continues and keeps on continuing until the goal is achieved.

Mankind has accepted the lower vibrational task of finding a career for himself and forgotten the greater role of finding the Creator and oneself.

He has toiled and sweated out his chores and has become completely lost in his thought that there is another task which is more fulfilling. Yet if he knows, he keeps on the same earthly task. Why; because it is easy some say.

However, the conscious mind will remind you that you are not satisfied and keeps coming round in circles, urging better things from you.

This thought process is the same for someone who is awake, because the higher conscious wants more from you and again begins to send reminders and images in your mind.

The conscious mind will not sleep until you have found in your heart the jewel that will keep you happy. Until then a reminder will follow.

Your mother; the Creator wants the best and demands the best in perfection of yourselves, this path is easier then you think.EA189