EA188 - Awakening Your Talent and Creativity


Hello Son,

Awakening Your Talent and Creativity

A hand on approach is needed and being active is the correct way to learn. However, doing the simple things in life gives everyone the greatest joy.

Spend time on the things that gives you happiness; if your timetable is free then I suggest you start gardening or even painting. These are creative tasks and the vibrations will open your mind; as each time a creative thought will inspire you to do something.

We have mentioned on occasions about being active and these two activities everyone can do.

Gardening invites the connection with nature; we remind you that it is nature or the planet's consciousness that is going through an awakening and its ascension. You will be fed the lights of the consciousness of the planet and at the same time Mother Earth will be happy that you are taking time on making the earth look beautiful.

Every plant that blossoms sends new light to the surrounding.

If this is too strenuous then buy a plant or two and look after them and absorb the sweet scent of the flowers or shrubs you have bought.

This message is sent to you so that you may awaken your own creativity and talent within, and rid the routine that has made mankind lazy. Enjoy yourself if that means you are regularly going out for walks and admiring the trees around you then do this. It is best for you to waken yourself so that the parts of the brain that are dormant become active and start inspiring you.

If you have a desire to write then write and let others enjoy the reading too.

Everything that comes from your own work is worth the highest praise, because it was you that made it happen.

Your mother; awaken the talent to awaken the spirit within and into action.