EA187 - Limited Mind


Hello Son,

Limited Mind

Oh mankind you have so many questions racing through your mind, but not all can be answered. Often you try to answer them yourself, but the answer is not given; then frustration plagues the mind.

If this applies to you then the only way for your questions to be answered is to ask someone who is awake or is able to sort the problem out.

Each time you wonder or ponder through a problem you lower your vibration as you are confused. Then you all have mixed emotions from anger to hopelessness.

Rid of this torment and ask someone, and make sure your are satisfied, otherwise the circle of drama will play all over again and the same feelings will be felt.

The Creator wishes that you settle down and concentrate fully on yourselves so that you are able to match the frequency necessary for ascension. Anything that is stopping your own progress needs to be sorted out immediately.

This could be family issues or at work, sort it out the best you can then carry on with your spiritual journey. Be honest with yourselves this path is the suggested one to find the secrets of all the cosmos and the Creator.

Everyone’s limited mind is incapable of giving you the answers you need.

Oh mankind be at peace through the day, when your at work, with your families, with your loved ones and when you rest during the day.

The Creator is at peace when we are too. You will all think clearly and smile often and enjoy the scenery around you, simply because you are happy.

Happiness multiplies into love; love is God the highest vibration of all.

Your mother; ask if you are not sure we are here to help you, and guide you through this victorious path to ascension. Ask more questions and keep asking until you are satisfied.