EA186 - Awareness


Hello Son,


In the last week of channelling we have been concentrating on tuning the mind to your higher consciousness. This is the next biggest but small step for all of you to achieve, if you have not done so yet.

When we ask questions to ourself or pray to the Creator, we should wait for a sign as an answer; this is because most are not tuned to the Creator and not able to hear His reply.

Being aware is the most important instinct to have, because it means you are tuned to your surrounding, nature and everything around you. The Creator rewards these types of people, simply because you are tuned to everything around you.

Then you are able to make an intuitive judgement because of  the signs you are able to read.

You have all done this but need to do this regularly; being in tune is necessary to leap forward to your journey to full consciousness.

When we have a problem or a question and ask the Creator for an answer, He automatically gives you the answer, in terms of your own surrounding; For example, if a type of person watches a lot of TV, then He will give an answer on what you are watching, as long as you look for signs.

We have all had brainstorming ideas watching TV or doing some work around the house. This is because at an instant we have received inspiration for you to carry it out and complete the action to fulfilment.

Look for signs and tune yourselves to the higher consciousness of your own self and seek the rewards in life and the hereafter.

Your mother; inspiration lies within  those who know how to handle their lives, with patience.